Finally, something to help our youth

Yes, there are other tools that help the young people in our families and churches, but "Sharpened Arrows" fills an important gap in the toolbox.

"Sharpened Arrows" is a digital publication edited by Pastor Simeon Western of Northside Baptist Church, Australia. As a Pastor's son, Simeon's desire in starting this publication was to encourage the next generation of young people to stand for Christ with a particular emphasis on (but not limited to) being a blessing to kids from ministry homes (e.g. pastors, evangelists & missionaries).


Many adults get a blessing out of it as well.

"Sharpened Arrows" has a current subscription of over 800 contacts from all over the world. Several editions are organized each year and are made available in a colorful, professionally designed, interactive, PDF format. Read latest edition at:

You can sign up to receive a notice when the next edition is available, by getting on their e-mail list:

You will be happy to know that they do not bombard their subscribers' inboxes with excessive amounts of emails, and your details will never be shared with a third party, so "Sharpened Arrows" is a safe distribution list to be on.

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