Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

There is a lot of sour fruit out there.

Womanhood is under attack in today's culture. Very few Christians would disagree with that. Our ladies are subject to attacks from many directions at a young age. Television shows, political and social movements, nonprofits, the government school system, and many other institutions of modern society work hard to devalue women, turning them into empty, sexual objects.

The assault reaches its highest intensity during a young lady's teen years.

All of us who have worked to raise pure girls know of the struggle. No matter how hard you work to lay a good foundation, that foundation is constantly being undermined by friends, family, media, and often even other Christians.


Now there is another tool to help young ladies in their Christian walk. Karen Finn has written Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? -- A Teen Girl's Guide to Christian Living. Her book has won a well-deserved “Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year” award.

Finn's book is a Bible study for young ladies, which helps teens understand what the Bible has to say about Christian womanhood.

The study begins with a self-test to help young ladies see where they are at by evaluating them in nine different important areas. It then proceeds with twelve chapters, each an individual study on an important topic in a teen girl's walk with God. Studies deal with selfishness, taming the tongue, authority issues, contentment, wrong influences, witnessing, peer pressure, and other critical subjects.

As the author says, “A teen girl's walk with the Lord can get easily entangled by numerous influences and issues (we call them weeds) which have taken root in her heart. Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? shows young women how to recognize and address these problem areas, and make room for a Christ-centered and God-honoring testimony.”

From the perspectives of both a pastor and a father of two teen girls, I have to say that Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? is the best study I have found on the subject. This book will open a teen's eyes not only to what the Bible has to say about being a Christian woman, but also to the influences that are attempting to tear apart her life.

This would be a fantastic book to get for every young lady in your youth group or teen Sunday School class. The studies are written in a way that is very engaging for young people, yet they are very frank about Bible truths and the dangers that lurk out there. And, there is so much “conversation-starter” in this book that you and your teen will be talking about profound, important subjects in no time at all. I wish every teen girl could have a copy of this book.

If you are looking for a trustworthy Bible study, based on the King James Version, to help your teen girls, this is the book you need.


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