"Reaching Teenagers," by Dr. Don Woodard

Reaching Teenagers

Reaching Teenagers by Dr. Don Woodard is the best book I have read in some time on the topic of effectively reaching our youth without compromising our stand. Dr. Woodard Traveled the U.S. For fifteen years as an evangelist encouraging churches to reach teens and, since 2008, has pastored at Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA.

His book discusses how to start a youth ministry, how to manage it, what safe-guards to put in place, and suggests many types of activities. This is a must-read book for any church desiring to start a youth ministry of any kind. The guidance offered in this book will save youth leaders and pastors many headaches and help jumpstart the ministry to teens.


There is a false impression today, created by compromising churches, that you cannot minister to the youth of this generation without becoming "hip," letting your hair grow out, singing contemporary "Christian" music, and dressing down. This is simply a lie designed to discourage godly, Bible-believing churches from reaching the youth.

Our churches do not need to become "relevant" to the teens in our culture because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is already intimately relevant to every human being who has walked the face of this earth. Today's youth do respond to the old-fashioned way and Bible preaching, and we should be ministering to them to lead them to Christ and disciple them in the way they should go.

Reaching Teenagers shows the pastor and the youth worker exactly how to get their youth ministry going (or, how to boost an existing ministry) and how to reach teenagers in today's culture while still maintaining your convictions.

I recommend Dr. Woodard's book to anyone who is burdened for today's youth. It's easy-to-read format makes it a great tool for even the busiest of people.

More about Reaching Teenagers, by Dr. Don Woodard: http://www.lightkeeperpublications.com/?p=56

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