The Tabernacle of the Old Testament, by Bobby Sparks, Th.D.

The Tabernacle of the Old Testament contains a depth of meaning that is all to often overlooked.  Yet, it is full of pictures of Christ, Heaven, and redemption.

Bobby Sparks, Th.D, has assembled one of the finest resources available for learning about and understanding the Tabernacle, and has published it as a kit titled, “The Tabernacle of the Old Testament.”

Sparks delves into the symbolism of the design, materials, and layout of the Tabernacle, but without the common “over interpretation” one finds with many commentators.  He uses a common sense, informed approach based on decades of study and teaching.

This kit contains a number of resources, including 13 video lessons on DVD's which are appropriate for Sunday School classes, personal study, or other uses.  It also includes a special 45-minute study of the significance of the Jewish priesthood and their dress.

In addition to the DVD's, there is a companion workbook to the video series, and a leader's guide booklet.  If that were not enough, there is a hefty 210-page study book, full of detailed information and a number of full-color illustrations,  arranged to follow the video lessons.

As I watched the videos, I was struck by two very important considerations.  First, Sparks does not engage in the microscopic over-interpretations, which I mentioned above.  Secondly, the teaching is very accessible.  Although a large volume of detailed information is conveyed, it is done in a way that almost anyone can understand and learn from.

This learning resource will not only help you understand the Old Testament Tabernacle better, but it will also shed invaluable light on the ministry of Jesus and the New Testament era.

For details, see the Tabernacle Ministries web site.

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