Steve Brown Ministries

Steve Brown Ministries

One my favorite sites on the entire Internet is that of Steve Brown Ministries --

I'll explain why in a minute.

Steve Brown ministries is a local church ministry based out of Heritage Baptist Temple in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their mission is to help evangelize the world by broadcasting the live video of Bible conferences, missions conferences, camp meetings, jubilees, revival meetings or other special events on the Web, and to record the event to DVD and CD. All they ask in return for these services is a "love offering" and a place to stay.

Brother Brown uses five unobtrusive remote control cameras to record the preaching and singing, and he makes CD's and DVD's of each service available to families as they leave the sanctuary.  Brother Brown himself is a model of humility and the servant's heart.


This ministry provides a vital service to independent Baptist churches by broadcasting and recording services, but its influence does not stop there.

Perhaps the greatest impact of Steve Brown Ministries is not the ministry to the local church, although that is a great one, but the larger ministry to brothers and sisters across the Internet who are able to see and hear good fundamental preaching where ever they are.  Not only can they listen live to the current preaching meetings, but they can watch and listen to preaching from meetings going back as far as 2008 through the web site's archives pages.

This means that saved and unsaved alike, all over the world, have instant access to hundreds of hours of KJV, independent Baptist preaching on numerous topics.

For me, however, it fulfills a very special purpose -- one which is so invaluable that it makes Bro. Brown's ministry one of my all time, absolute, world-wide favorites.

Ministering in a somewhat remote area of rural New England, it is very difficult and expensive for me to attend preaching meetings of any sort.  Even finding fellowship with other independent Baptists is difficult.  The isolation is one of the most challenging aspects of ministering here.

Thanks to Steve Brown Ministries, I can attend camp meetings, missions conferences, and other preaching meetings every week if I choose, without paying for gas and motel rooms.  No, it's not the same as being there and fellowshipping in person with brothers and sisters in Christ, but it certainly does make it easier to work this mission field while still being fed myself.  It makes it seem a little less isolated.

I know that there are thousands of independent Baptists in similar positions.  Who will know, until eternity, how many souls are encouraged, how many ministries saved, how many isolated pastors and missionaries stay on their field, how many spirits are fed by the work that Bro. Steve Brown is doing.  It must be one of the most effective, far-reaching works in fundamentalism today.

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