Living and Loving Again: Life After Abuse, by Pastor Don Woodard

Pastor Woodward's latest book, Living and Loving Again: Life After Abuse, fills a critical void for pastors and counselors -- and the victims themselves -- who are dealing with people that are victims of abuse. It is a powerful tool in the counselor's toolbox and a lifeline for victims.

In our independent Baptist circles, we tend to be really good at "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression." And, in 21st century America, we need to be good at that.

However, we tend to not be so good at the grace, patience, meekness, and lovingkindness that is necessary in helping an abuse victim not only heal, but learn to live and love again. Sometimes, it almost seems as if those traits are counted as weakness. Yet, they are biblical and necessary when helping somebody who has come from an abusive background.

Living and Loving Again helps fill that gap, making it possible for any preacher, any counselor, to help victims by giving them this book, or reading it themselves and using its Bible-based information as a basis for counseling sessions.

Finally, something to help our youth

Yes, there are other tools that help the young people in our families and churches, but "Sharpened Arrows" fills an important gap in the toolbox.

"Sharpened Arrows" is a digital publication edited by Pastor Simeon Western of Northside Baptist Church, Australia. As a Pastor's son, Simeon's desire in starting this publication was to encourage the next generation of young people to stand for Christ with a particular emphasis on (but not limited to) being a blessing to kids from ministry homes (e.g. pastors, evangelists & missionaries).

The Tabernacle of the Old Testament, by Bobby Sparks, Th.D.

The Tabernacle of the Old Testament contains a depth of meaning that is all to often overlooked.  Yet, it is full of pictures of Christ, Heaven, and redemption.

Bobby Sparks, Th.D, has assembled one of the finest resources available for learning about and understanding the Tabernacle, and has published it as a kit titled, “The Tabernacle of the Old Testament.”

Sparks delves into the symbolism of the design, materials, and layout of the Tabernacle, but without the common “over interpretation” one finds with many commentators.  He uses a common sense, informed approach based on decades of study and teaching.

New book offers Bible-based comfort for the grieving

Help of Heaven

Pastor Don Woodard, Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA, has released his latest book, Help of HeavenHelp of Heaven is filling a need that has existed for years in fundamental circles.

Every Christian, at some point in their lives, loses a loved one.  Every pastor, at some point in their ministry, must counsel and comfort somebody who has lost a loved one.  This is an issue with which everyone must deal.

While there is plenty of pop-psychology material available, even in "Christian" book stores and written by prominent "Christian" leaders, there is very little sound, reliable counsel available in book form.

Help of Heaven is a game-changer in that regard.  Finally, there is a trustworthy and effective book available to give to hurting people.  You can use it to minister to grieving people without worrying about subjecting them to liberal theology, psycho-babble, or new age philosophies.

SwordSearcher, the cadillac of Bible study software

Sword Searcher Bible study software

For many years, my favorite Bible study software has been SwordSearcher.

When I read the Bible, I like to have an actual book in front of me. When I preach, I preach from the book.

However, when I study the Bible, I have found the SwordSearcher program to be the single most useful tool I have ever used. SwordSearcher is the tool for any serious Bible-believing Bible student.

When it's time to prepare a sermon, I nearly always have SwordSearcher open on my computer next to my Bible. It allows me to instantly look up related verses and commentaries. What used to take me 20-30 minutes (finding related verses and pulling commentaries off the shelf) now takes just a few seconds, which means more time for actual study and less time spent finding books and flipping through pages.

You Are God Alone

The Clark Family - You Are God Alone

The Clark Family singers have hit another home run with their latest CD, "You Are God Alone."

I had been waiting for an opportunity to get a copy of this CD, as I have a couple of their previous projects and found them to be well done and moving -- and, they are some of my teen children's favorites, too.  Yesterday, at a KJV Baptist preacher's fellowship at Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Lisbon, Maine, a copy of the CD was given to each of the pastor's wives.  My wife grinned as she showed it to me, since I had been talking about wanting that very CD just a few days earlier.  I couldn't wait to get it home to listen to it.

Steve Brown Ministries

Steve Brown Ministries

One my favorite sites on the entire Internet is that of Steve Brown Ministries --

I'll explain why in a minute.

Steve Brown ministries is a local church ministry based out of Heritage Baptist Temple in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their mission is to help evangelize the world by broadcasting the live video of Bible conferences, missions conferences, camp meetings, jubilees, revival meetings or other special events on the Web, and to record the event to DVD and CD. All they ask in return for these services is a "love offering" and a place to stay.

Brother Brown uses five unobtrusive remote control cameras to record the preaching and singing, and he makes CD's and DVD's of each service available to families as they leave the sanctuary.  Brother Brown himself is a model of humility and the servant's heart.

Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

There is a lot of sour fruit out there.

Womanhood is under attack in today's culture. Very few Christians would disagree with that. Our ladies are subject to attacks from many directions at a young age. Television shows, political and social movements, nonprofits, the government school system, and many other institutions of modern society work hard to devalue women, turning them into empty, sexual objects.

The assault reaches its highest intensity during a young lady's teen years.

All of us who have worked to raise pure girls know of the struggle. No matter how hard you work to lay a good foundation, that foundation is constantly being undermined by friends, family, media, and often even other Christians.