Help for Missionary Family

Brother Ron Meldrum has always been busy. Missionary to the rural western region area of Maine; Founder and Director of Baptist Ministries; Founder of; Founder of the Worldwide Directory of Independent Baptist Churches; Vice Chairman and Treasurer of Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a rescue mission in Lewiston, Maine; a helper to countless ministries in their web site work over the years; and so much more.

Now, he needs your help.

Bro. Meldrum was diagnosed this summer with a tumor on his brain. He is currently unable to do any of the work which he typically does to supplement his family's income and is very limited in his day-to-day activities.

Baptist Ministries is raising funds to help him through the winter. If God moves you to help, you may send help online by clicking the button below:


Or, you can mail a gift or a card or a note of encouragement to:

Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956

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