2018 KJV, Independent Baptist Church Directory

We are producing a printed KJV church directory based on our on-line Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches at fundamental.org. The directory will be in book form and will be made available at-cost (plus shipping) to those who need it and, in some instances when resources allow, given away. Sponsors will receive a free copy.

Along with the printed directory, we will be producing a PDF ebook of the directory for free distribution.

As I traveled to present our church-planting work, I found that many churches, including some surprisingly large ones, are still “offline.” The pastors do not use the internet and, in many cases, do not even text. A printed directory will fill a great need for these preachers and churches.

This directory will be the “2018 Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches” and, if well-received, will be produced every 2 years.


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The Title Sponsor will have the back cover for a full-color ad (except for the bottom 2 inches, which is reserved for the barcode and publication information). This sponsor will also receive a full page (black and white) ad and two half-page ads inside the book.


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(Sizes to be announced in September 2017 based on the dimensions we choose for the book)

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