Pastor loses home and church to arson

[relayed through Victory Baptist Press]

Bro. Randall Boatner, his wife Sandy and Faith Baptist Church of Lambert, Mississippi have been the victims of arson. They have suffered nearly a complete loss in two separate, deliberate fires. 

On June 18, 2016, a fire was set in the Boatner’s car. The pastor’s car was under the carport of the parsonage. Between the fire and the smoke, the parsonage and its contents were wrecked. Then, on Wednesday night October 19, while Bro. Randall and Mrs. Sandy were away preaching another fire was set and the church was a total loss.

The pastor was living in the church; so, much of what was salvaged from the first fire was burned along with the building. The church does have insurance on the church building and the parsonage. However, there is no insurance to cover the loss of their personal contents. Mrs. Boatner has been dealing with leukemia for the past two years, and these good people have accrued financial difficulty. Our church, with the help of some fellow brethren, have already begun to raise money for this need.

The devil is real, and he still hates the gospel. As I heard a wise preacher say, “When the snake comes out, he bites the man kindling the fire.” Bro. Randall is just trying
to kindle a fire for our Lord, and that made him a target. If you can help, please send funds to,

Bethany Independent Baptist Church
4112 Hubbard Rd.
Courtland, MS  38620.

Please designate funds for preacher Randall Boatner, but by all means pray!

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