Tent Evangelist Needs Alternator

Evangelist Van Billingsly, currently in South Dakota, has had his vehicle break down.

"Seems like deja vu all over again! The alternator on my bus died again today. Last year a new voltage regulator fixed it. This time it will take more since smoke and sparks were flying out the front of it. I had to unplug it to stop the fireworks so I could make it to my next stop. This is a high output/high amp alternator which makes it a high dollar one. Please pray that the Lord will direct me to the best option in a timely manner. I may not be able to find a rebuild shop in this part of the country, so I will need to find the best deal on a proper replacement. Some options have run an unbelievable $1,800.00, but I have located some possibles around $700.00, but availability is an issue, especially during a holiday week."

 If you can help, please contact Brother Van directly at (706) 585-2026 or vanb@mindspring.com.

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