Couple discovers that Bible versions are copyrighted!

A Mississippi couple has discovered first-hand one of the problems with modern Bible versions: they are copyrighted.  They recently tried to get two verses copied for their Bible study group, when the copy store told them the verses represent copyrighted material and that they needed to get permission from the owner.

For the full story, see:

Chain Cites Copyright Law in Refusing to Print Images of Bible Verses [Fox News, 2/26/14]



0 #1 Pastor Dennis B Crum 2014-02-28 05:40
The Walhgrens associate actually is right if the verses where from anything other than the Authorized King James Version because all the others are copyrighted as for the text seeing as man has changed the words and then were granted a copyright of the text. Just one more reason to use the KJV only as it is the pure Word of God no copyright needed

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