Family threatened with police monitoring after "transgender" complaint

[InfoWars] Parents who complained over a boy who identifies as transgender being allowed to use the same public bathroom as their daughters at a Colorado high school have been threatened with police “monitoring” of their social media discussions.

Parents of daughters attending Florence High School said they were threatened with hate crimes charges when they complained on behalf of their daughters over a boy who identifies as transgender being allowed to use the female bathroom.

According to the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative civil liberties organization, the school is now threatening families that their social media conversations about the issue are being monitored by police.


Parents and students involved in the case spoke out in an emotional video released by PJI, who also claim that the supposedly “tolerant” LBGT community has bombarded them with hate mail for representing parents.

“In a twist of irony, school officials who have been under fire for disregarding student privacy rights are now warning complaining families that law enforcement will be monitoring social media discussions about their concerns,” states a PJI press release, which also highlights how the school has failed to address threats by the athletics department to kick girls out of sports teams as retribution for complaining about the bathroom controversy.

“Since we first broke this story, it has been shocking to see the lengths to which school officials and LGBT activists have gone to suppress the truth,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “We have now received a large and growing stack of hate mail from supposedly tolerant LGBT supporters, most of which is based on unquestioning faith in school officials who have proved to be untrustworthy. It is increasingly apparent that school officials and LGBT activists are on an all-out mission to discredit our clients rather than deal with the serious problems they have identified with a biologically teenage boy sharing bathrooms with their teenage daughters. These new developments only stiffen our resolve and renew our focus to seek a balanced solution that honors the rights and needs of all students.”

Leftist media outlets initially reacted to the controversy by claiming the issue was a false story “advanced by right-wing Christian media.” Their source for debunking the story was the school’s Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti, hardly a non-bias authority given that she is personally embroiled in the spat with parents.

The Transadvocate also claimed that the story was based on a complaint from a single parent, which as the video above illustrates is clearly not the case.

Although Colorado’s treatment of transgender school children is determined by policy, California became the first U.S. state to mandate by law the right of girls and boys to choose which bathroom they would use regardless of their gender back in August when Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1266, otherwise known as the ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’. The law takes effect on January 1st.

The Pacific Justice Institute is circulating a petition that would force state officials to put the bill up for a referendum. If the group collects 500,000 signatures from Californians before November 10, the Bathroom Bill will be temporarily suspended until it is voted on at the next State general election in November of 2014.

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