New church-planting effort in Maine

The Meldrum Family is working to plant a new church in rural Maine.

Brother Ron Meldrum has pastored for twelve years in a rural Maine church and has been burdened for the hundreds of towns and thousands of souls with no Gospel witness.


"We are looking at a truly unchurched culture in many areas," said Brother Meldrum.  "We see 2-3 generations who have never been in a church -- not even for a wedding or funeral.  Witchcraft is spreading rapidly, and all sorts of paganism is popping up.  Most people only know the name Jesus as a swear word.  The Jehovah's Witnesses are knocking doors in most of these areas, and the Mormons are beginning to make in-roads, but independent Baptists are few and far between.  The vast majority of people in rural Maine have never had a Bible-believing Christian knock on their door."

In a Gallup poll asking people about the importance of God and the Bible in their lives, Maine placed at number 48, making it one of the least "Christian" states in the United States.  Behind Maine were Massachusetts and Vermont.

Making Maine harder to reach is the poverty that is prevalent in rural areas.  Many of the industries that once made these areas thrive have been supplanted by the Chinese industrial machine, and over half of the small wood mills -- mills that used to make rolling pins, tooth picks, clothes pins, and more -- have closed down.

"This is an alarming situation," said Meldrum.  "A hundred years ago, 8 our of 10 preachers came out of country churches.  Today, the majority of the country churches in Maine have closed, and many of those which are still running have long ago become liberal and unconcerned about souls."

The Meldrums are associated with Warrenton Baptist Mission Agency in Vicksburg, MS, a ministry of Warrenton Baptist Church, and are members of King's Valley Chapel Independent Baptist Church in Kingfield, Maine, where Meldrum pastored for twelve years. For the last five years, Brother Meldrum has also been chairman of the board of directors of Hope Haven Gospel Mission in Lewiston, Maine, the largest fundamental Baptist rescue mission in the northeast.

The Meldrums are leaving their home in November to visit churches and get support for the new church plant.  Anyone interested in having a part in winning souls and building a church in rural Maine, through financial support, prayer, inviting the Meldrums to visit, or other means, can learn more at their web site:

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