Giants in the Earth

Giants in the Earth

Many ancient texts, including the Bible, refer to giant humans living among us during times past.

The Bible, for example, speaks of King Og, of the infamous Goliath, and of the occupants of parts of Palestine at the time of the Hebrew Exodus.

For years, mainstream anthropologists and archaeologists have dismissed these accounts as myth.  But, as with so many other assertions of the Bible, evidence has emerged that the biblical accounts of giants are cold, hard facts.


Discoveries and evidence that does not fit the picture of human history purveyed by mainstream academia tend to get slipped "under the carpet" and hidden from the public, but as the evidence mounts, so does the pressure to re-examine the faulty models of human history and prehistory.

These discoveries are now being documented on a new web site, Giants in the Earth.  While "giants" are the current focus of the site, it will soon be used to document other archaeological and anthropological evidences for the accuracy of the Bible.

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