New web site dealing with false doctrines

A new web site has been launched:

Faithful to the Old Paths

This project was born out of what I can only describe as grief at the departure from the church by somebody who got mixed up in some bizarre, modernist doctrines.  This person is loved and missed very much by the church, but today apparently remains unrepentant toward those teachings they dug up in Youtube videos.  I hope that by exposing a number of false modernist doctrines — not just what this person was involved in — and debunking them using the Bible, I can help another pastor and another church avoid what our family has been through.


God told Jeremiah to tell the men and women of Judah to seek the Old Paths.  They replied that they would not walk in them — they had a “better” way.  What seems “better” to man is not always what is better to God.

In the end, people will do what they “feel” is right, despite the clear teaching of the Bible.  But, perhaps there is that one person out there who sincerely loves and wants to please God, and will heed what the Bible says.  I pray God will use this new site mightily and will provide the time resources to develop it into what it ought to be.

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