Help for Missionary Family

Brother Ron Meldrum has always been busy. Missionary to the rural western region area of Maine; Founder and Director of Baptist Ministries; Founder of; Founder of the Worldwide Directory of Independent Baptist Churches; Vice Chairman and Treasurer of Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a rescue mission in Lewiston, Maine; a helper to countless ministries in their web site work over the years; and so much more.

Now, he needs your help.

Bro. Meldrum was diagnosed this summer with a tumor on his brain. He is currently unable to do any of the work which he typically does to supplement his family's income and is very limited in his day-to-day activities.

Baptist Ministries is raising funds to help him through the winter. If God moves you to help, you may send help online by clicking the button below:


Or, you can mail a gift or a card or a note of encouragement to:

Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956

Churches Planting Churches

Fundamental Matters has released the promotional video for the new magazine, featuring the topic of church planting.  It's worth seeing!


Advertising Rates

We often have projects which provide opportunities for you to effectively reach an independent, KJV Baptist audience through advertising and sponsorships.  On this page you will find our current projects and opportunities.


2018 KJV Baptist Church Directory Book

We are producing a printed KJV church directory based on our on-line Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches at The directory will be in book form and will be made available at-cost (plus shipping) to those who need it and, in some instances when resources allow, given away. See more info and rates »


"Fundamental Matters" Magazine

This new magazine will be focused on topics of concern to pastors. See more info and rates »


Announcing "Fundamental Matters" Magazine

We are announcing the upcoming publication of our new magazine, Fundamental Matters.  This magazine is a ministry to pastors, in particular, but will be of interest to anyone concerned about important issues in their church.  Each issue of the magazine will focus on a specific topic, with articles approaching it from different perspectives.

The topic for our first issue, due out in November 2017, is "Church Planting."  Other topics for 2018 will include "Effectively using the Internet for ministry" and "Reaching Youth," among others.

We will send this magazine to pastors free-of-charge.  Others are encouraged to subscribe for $12 for one year (4 quarterly issues).  If you are a pastor, you may still use the paid subscription as a way to support this project.

Pastors who wish to be sure that they are on our free distribution list, please contact us. (If you are in our church directory, then you are on the list).  We plan to mail printed copies to about 3,000 and electronic copies to about 4000 others.

For ad rates, please see more information.

Pastor loses home and church to arson

[relayed through Victory Baptist Press]

Bro. Randall Boatner, his wife Sandy and Faith Baptist Church of Lambert, Mississippi have been the victims of arson. They have suffered nearly a complete loss in two separate, deliberate fires. 

On June 18, 2016, a fire was set in the Boatner’s car. The pastor’s car was under the carport of the parsonage. Between the fire and the smoke, the parsonage and its contents were wrecked. Then, on Wednesday night October 19, while Bro. Randall and Mrs. Sandy were away preaching another fire was set and the church was a total loss.

The pastor was living in the church; so, much of what was salvaged from the first fire was burned along with the building. The church does have insurance on the church building and the parsonage. However, there is no insurance to cover the loss of their personal contents. Mrs. Boatner has been dealing with leukemia for the past two years, and these good people have accrued financial difficulty. Our church, with the help of some fellow brethren, have already begun to raise money for this need.

The devil is real, and he still hates the gospel. As I heard a wise preacher say, “When the snake comes out, he bites the man kindling the fire.” Bro. Randall is just trying
to kindle a fire for our Lord, and that made him a target. If you can help, please send funds to,

Bethany Independent Baptist Church
4112 Hubbard Rd.
Courtland, MS  38620.

Please designate funds for preacher Randall Boatner, but by all means pray!

"Fundamental Matters" Magazine

One of our most exciting new projects is a new magazine, Fundamental Matters.  This magazine is designed to be a help to pastors.  There will be four issues a year, issued quarterly, and each will focus on a specific topic pertinent to fundamental churches and preachers.

The magazine will be distributed in print form to about 3,000 pastors, and in electronic (PDF) format to our list of 4,000 preachers in the USA and about 1,500 preachers internationally.  We will also solicit paid subscribers for other folks who would like to receive the magazine.

November issue coverThe first issue is scheduled to go out in November of this year.  The topic for this issue is church planting, with a tentative title of "Domestic Church Planting: America's Last Hope?"  It will contain articles by a number of church planters and preachers who have helped church planters over the years.

Other topics are already planned (and many articles solicited) through the end of 2018.  If the magazine is well-received, it will continue into 2019.

You may subscribe for 1 year (4 quraterly issues) for $12.


Ad Rates

Full page: $575
Half Page: $375
Quarter Page: $199
1/8th Page: $125
1/16th Page: $65

Back Cover: $725
Inside-Back Cover: $625
Inside-Front Cover: $650

Classified Ad: $12 for 20 words.  20-cents per word beyond 20.

We are offering a 10% discount on all display ads in the pilot issue.

To reserve ad space, please contact us.  We will reserve the space you want and send a bill.

Tent Evangelist Needs Alternator

Evangelist Van Billingsly, currently in South Dakota, has had his vehicle break down.

"Seems like deja vu all over again! The alternator on my bus died again today. Last year a new voltage regulator fixed it. This time it will take more since smoke and sparks were flying out the front of it. I had to unplug it to stop the fireworks so I could make it to my next stop. This is a high output/high amp alternator which makes it a high dollar one. Please pray that the Lord will direct me to the best option in a timely manner. I may not be able to find a rebuild shop in this part of the country, so I will need to find the best deal on a proper replacement. Some options have run an unbelievable $1,800.00, but I have located some possibles around $700.00, but availability is an issue, especially during a holiday week."

 If you can help, please contact Brother Van directly at (706) 585-2026 or

2018 KJV, Independent Baptist Church Directory

We are producing a printed KJV church directory based on our on-line Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches at The directory will be in book form and will be made available at-cost (plus shipping) to those who need it and, in some instances when resources allow, given away. Sponsors will receive a free copy.

Along with the printed directory, we will be producing a PDF ebook of the directory for free distribution.

As I traveled to present our church-planting work, I found that many churches, including some surprisingly large ones, are still “offline.” The pastors do not use the internet and, in many cases, do not even text. A printed directory will fill a great need for these preachers and churches.

This directory will be the “2018 Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches” and, if well-received, will be produced every 2 years.


Ad Rates

Title Sponsor: $899 purchase now »
The Title Sponsor will have the back cover for a full-color ad (except for the bottom 2 inches, which is reserved for the barcode and publication information). This sponsor will also receive a full page (black and white) ad and two half-page ads inside the book.


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(Sizes to be announced in September 2017 based on the dimensions we choose for the book)

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