New book offers Bible-based comfort for the grieving

Help of Heaven

Pastor Don Woodard, Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA, has released his latest book, Help of HeavenHelp of Heaven is filling a need that has existed for years in fundamental circles.

Every Christian, at some point in their lives, loses a loved one.  Every pastor, at some point in their ministry, must counsel and comfort somebody who has lost a loved one.  This is an issue with which everyone must deal.

While there is plenty of pop-psychology material available, even in "Christian" book stores and written by prominent "Christian" leaders, there is very little sound, reliable counsel available in book form.

Help of Heaven is a game-changer in that regard.  Finally, there is a trustworthy and effective book available to give to hurting people.  You can use it to minister to grieving people without worrying about subjecting them to liberal theology, psycho-babble, or new age philosophies.

On the road again

It's that time again -- we are headed out on the road visiting churches.  We leave in two days (so much to do, so little time!).

We went out in November of last year for a few weeks.  It was a good experience, with lots of learning opportunities.  We learned just how expensive it is to get out on the road and stay there, and we learned how wonderful it is to sleep in our own bed at home!

But, we also met some very dear men and women, people I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.  The people were my favorite part of the journey.  In our case, without exception, we met great men and women of God and had really good experiences at every church we visited.

As we head out this time, we will be first visiting a church in North Carolina for the weekend, then headed to a camp meeting in Georgia next week.  After that, we are meeting with Bro. Rick Grisham of Fundamental Baptist Books, for whom we are going to set up book tables at conferences as we visit churches with our own ministry.

Pray for us as we travel and visit churches.  Pray for safety and blessing on the road and for good church visits.

Encouraging Moments

It's easy to become "weary in well doing" during those long stretches of ministry when we don't see any fruit.  We know intellectually that God did not call us to labor just when we "see" fruit, yet it is so encouraging when He does reveal something to us.

I Corinthians 4:4-5 tells us that we should not pass judgement on our work too soon.

For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord. Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

If we are doing what God wants us to do, then we are generating fruit, whether we see it or not. A faithless society and a faithless religion must see fruit to think it is accomplishing anything, but we set pragmatism aside when we step into the ministry roles to which God has called us.

Pragmatism or Principle?

All through history, people have had to choose between acting according to principle and acting according to pragmatism.

When we act according to principle, we do what is right, regardless of the consequences.

When we act according to pragmatism, we do what we believe will give us the results we want to see. “The ends justify the means” is the ultimate in pragmatic philosophy.

Which is right? Do we act according to principle and endure possible shame, ridicule, and harm? Or, do we be pragmatic, doing what we need to do in order to get the results we want to see – regardless whether it violates our conscience, morality, or ethics?

God is still teaching

One of the blessings God has given me as I have travelled over the last 20 months or so has been the privilege of meeting many of the people with whom I have corresponded by email over the last few years. I have "met" so many good people through my work with and over the last 20 years, but our contact has been almost entirely by email, until now. One of the "little joys" for me has been to finally meet many of these people face-to-face.

Church Building Project in British Columbia

From Missionary Derrick Goette of Harvest Baptist Church, Langley, BC:
"We are helping Missionary Pastor Brett Swope with a major building project for their church in Grand Forks, BC. Canada.  They have a good size building that needs a lot of work, that the town of Grand Forks gave them a 30 year lease that was extremely affordable.
"This would be a good project for other churches to get involved in if they desire.
"Here is his contact information:
Tel. # 250-442-6930 or e-mail


Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

There is a lot of sour fruit out there.

Womanhood is under attack in today's culture. Very few Christians would disagree with that. Our ladies are subject to attacks from many directions at a young age. Television shows, political and social movements, nonprofits, the government school system, and many other institutions of modern society work hard to devalue women, turning them into empty, sexual objects.

The assault reaches its highest intensity during a young lady's teen years.

All of us who have worked to raise pure girls know of the struggle. No matter how hard you work to lay a good foundation, that foundation is constantly being undermined by friends, family, media, and often even other Christians.

You Are God Alone

The Clark Family - You Are God Alone

The Clark Family singers have hit another home run with their latest CD, "You Are God Alone."

I had been waiting for an opportunity to get a copy of this CD, as I have a couple of their previous projects and found them to be well done and moving -- and, they are some of my teen children's favorites, too.  Yesterday, at a KJV Baptist preacher's fellowship at Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Lisbon, Maine, a copy of the CD was given to each of the pastor's wives.  My wife grinned as she showed it to me, since I had been talking about wanting that very CD just a few days earlier.  I couldn't wait to get it home to listen to it.