Cages of Our Own Making

I hate being limited. When I want to do something, I want to be able to just go do it. Yet, I look around and see all kinds of limitations on my life.

Some of these limitations are put there by God. I have seen many times in the past where God has limited me by circumstances in order to protect me from something.

The Tabernacle of the Old Testament, by Bobby Sparks, Th.D.

The Tabernacle of the Old Testament contains a depth of meaning that is all to often overlooked.  Yet, it is full of pictures of Christ, Heaven, and redemption.

Bobby Sparks, Th.D, has assembled one of the finest resources available for learning about and understanding the Tabernacle, and has published it as a kit titled, “The Tabernacle of the Old Testament.”

Sparks delves into the symbolism of the design, materials, and layout of the Tabernacle, but without the common “over interpretation” one finds with many commentators.  He uses a common sense, informed approach based on decades of study and teaching.

Steve Brown Ministries

Steve Brown Ministries

One my favorite sites on the entire Internet is that of Steve Brown Ministries --

I'll explain why in a minute.

Steve Brown ministries is a local church ministry based out of Heritage Baptist Temple in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their mission is to help evangelize the world by broadcasting the live video of Bible conferences, missions conferences, camp meetings, jubilees, revival meetings or other special events on the Web, and to record the event to DVD and CD. All they ask in return for these services is a "love offering" and a place to stay.

Brother Brown uses five unobtrusive remote control cameras to record the preaching and singing, and he makes CD's and DVD's of each service available to families as they leave the sanctuary.  Brother Brown himself is a model of humility and the servant's heart.

21 Things Missionaries Wish Pastors Understood

I pastored for over twelve years before going “on the road” to raise support for our new church planting project. As a pastor, my experience with missionaries has been overwhelmingly positive, and as a “missionary,” my experience with pastors and churches has been 100% positive. I have not had a bad church visit, yet.

However, as I talk with and fellowship with other missionaries, there are some common (and some not-so-common) things that many wish they could communicate to pastors.

Our Battle

Running Time: 5 minutes.

SwordSearcher, the cadillac of Bible study software

Sword Searcher Bible study software

For many years, my favorite Bible study software has been SwordSearcher.

When I read the Bible, I like to have an actual book in front of me. When I preach, I preach from the book.

However, when I study the Bible, I have found the SwordSearcher program to be the single most useful tool I have ever used. SwordSearcher is the tool for any serious Bible-believing Bible student.

When it's time to prepare a sermon, I nearly always have SwordSearcher open on my computer next to my Bible. It allows me to instantly look up related verses and commentaries. What used to take me 20-30 minutes (finding related verses and pulling commentaries off the shelf) now takes just a few seconds, which means more time for actual study and less time spent finding books and flipping through pages.

"Reaching Teenagers," by Dr. Don Woodard

Reaching Teenagers

Reaching Teenagers by Dr. Don Woodard is the best book I have read in some time on the topic of effectively reaching our youth without compromising our stand. Dr. Woodard Traveled the U.S. For fifteen years as an evangelist encouraging churches to reach teens and, since 2008, has pastored at Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA.

His book discusses how to start a youth ministry, how to manage it, what safe-guards to put in place, and suggests many types of activities. This is a must-read book for any church desiring to start a youth ministry of any kind. The guidance offered in this book will save youth leaders and pastors many headaches and help jumpstart the ministry to teens.

20 Things Pastors Wish Missionaries Understood

My experience with missionaries during my time as pastor was very positive.  During my time "on the road," I have been able to talk with many pastors, who have shared their experiences with missionaries.  Again, the experience of most pastors is very positive -- but every pastor has one or two stories of things that went very wrong with visiting missionaries.  Below are pieces of advice culled not only from my own time as pastor but also from numerous pastors I have visited with and fellowshipped with.  A missionary who takes these things to heart will avoid many potential problems as they visit churches.