Pastor's Help Fund: Filling a need for a rural Pastor

We are trying to help a "small church" preacher this week.

This preacher and his wife, and older couple, took a rural church here in Maine a couple years ago. If you are in Maine, you probably know them. They are KJV, fundamental, independent Baptists.

Within the last 30 days, they have moved from an apartment where they had no heat for 4 weeks and had to use an electric heater to heat just one room which they sat, ate, and slept in. Last year, they were without heat at the same apartment for two months before the landlord took care of it. They are still paying on an enormous electric bill from that episode.

They are now in their new place and are financially very tight. They can only put in 50 gallons of heating oil at a time, and ran out once during this last cold snap. It's hit 20 below zero twice already this year.

They have stayed faithful through all of this trial.

My desire is to get them "over the hump" by helping them out with their heating situation this winter. My goal is to raise $1,000 for them to help heat their home this winter. With the extra expenses they have had this year, I know this will be a big blessing to them.

If you would like to help out, you can give toward the fund on-line using the form below. Everything we receive through this will go directly to the Pastor and his wife. Our ministry will keep nothing of it. Giving on-line will help us get the funds to them immediately

Enter amount:
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You may also give by mail:

Make check payable to "Baptist Ministries" and mail to:

Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956

Please mark it for "Pastor's Help Fund")

If you would prefer to send directly to this pastor, please contact me at for their information


Thank you for your consideration.

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