On the move ...

God has been so good.

Since leaving Maine again in early April, God has given us one good meeting after another. Everywhere we go, the Spirit is already there preparing the way and ordering our steps.


Video DVD: Discovering Bible History

Discovering Bible History

Discovering Bible History: an exciting look at how archaeology and history prove the accuracy of the Bible.

Finally, a documentary that looks at history through the lense of the Bible, instead of looking at the Bible through the colored lense of academic understanding of history.

In this documentary, learn how archaeology, history, and other sciences support the Bible.

When we look at the world with the assumption that the Bible is true, everything falls into place.

Church Building Project in British Columbia

From Missionary Derrick Goette of Harvest Baptist Church, Langley, BC:
"We are helping Missionary Pastor Brett Swope with a major building project for their church in Grand Forks, BC. Canada.  They have a good size building that needs a lot of work, that the town of Grand Forks gave them a 30 year lease that was extremely affordable.
"This would be a good project for other churches to get involved in if they desire.
"Here is his contact information:
Tel. # 250-442-6930 or e-mail swope2bc@gmail.com


Planting a Church in Lovelock, Nevada

Pastor Scott Davis

Scott and Andrea Davis left Michigan in November of 2010, and headed west to start an Independent Fundamental Baptist church in the small ranching community of Lovelock, Nevada. Lovelock is a town of about 2000 people. There are 13 other churches in this town and they are the only King James preaching, Gospel witness there. Needless to say, it has been a tough row to hoe.