Here I am, send me

I mentioned “martyrs for Christ” in yesterday’s entry, and it got me thinking about the special place in God’s heart for those who give their life by dying for their faith.  We see the souls of these martyrs and the special place they have in Heaven in the book of Revelation.

I believe that God also has a special place for those who give their lives as a living sacrifice, those who do not die for Him but who live for Him.  I don’t mean those who just call themselves “Christians” and go to church on Sunday.  I mean those whose sole purpose in life is to serve God.


Even at the height of the missions movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Hudson Taylor lamented that he had secured financial backing for dozens more missionsaries.  The difficulty, he said, was finding people who were willing to go.

It’s even harder today to find people willing to “go” (to the foreign mission field, to the streets of America, to a bus route, to their neighbors).  We are surrounded by such material abundance and comfort that we are somehow comfortable giving God part of us — as long as it doesn’t mean going.

Our jobs, our friends, our retirement, our financial security, and our social positions are “sacred cows” in 21st century America.  We are willing to serve God up to a certain point, but once one or more of these “sacred cows” are are put on the table, we pull back.

God is still asking today, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8).  Isaiah’s response was an unqualified, “Here am I; send me!”  And God did.

God is looking for Christians who will serve him with their life — their whole life.  Maybe you won’t be asked to die for Him.  Maybe you won’t be asked to lose your job for Him.  But are you willing?

Right this moment, God is looking the earth over, asking “Who will go for me?”  He’s looking from church to church, from Christian to Christian, to see if there might be someone who is willing to surrender everything to Him.  Will you be the next one to stand up and say, “Here am I! Send me!”?

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